Saturday, 12 July 2008

Tips And Tricks

CashCrate: Get Paid To Site Tips For Offers

Never do any of the “side” offers during an offer. These are “gold” or “silver” offers that pop up. Most of the time you only need to complete the first few pages of an offer to get credit. A trick that works most of the time is if the URL of the offer changed then you are done. For instance say the offer is from but after 3 pages it is now then you have completed the offer and can close the window and start a new one. Some offers will not confirm using this strategy, but most will!
Hit Alt + to automatically select the “no” radio boxes
Some offers will confirm in less than 1 hour, with most confirming overnight.
You can increase how many of your offers get confirmed by clearing your cookies with ccleaner EVERY 5 offers. And by using a new email address ever 5 offers. A trick with your new gmail email is, say it is then are all valid and look unique to the sites offering the offers! The only time you must use your cashcrate email is during the daily surveys!
If you still have trouble getting offers confirmed you can go further into the offer even if the url changes and leave the final page open for 5 minutes.
Congrats. Now you can be making $100’s in a matter of hours.

Do you have a lot of pending offers?

Pending offers can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to confirm. Some, for unknown reasons, will never confirm. It seems that the advertisers are getting more strict about confirming offers. I now recommend only doing one offer at a time, clearing your cookies after every few offers, and change emails after every few offers. Also only do about $5 worth of offers at a time, wait for those to confirm, then repeat. Some other tips include leaving the “congrats” page open for a few extra minutes. If any members have ideas about how to make more of your offers confirm please post it in our forum. Also you can always redo offers. This may seem like a pain, but remember it is still free money. I personally have never had this issue. For a lot of the offers where the first page is an email submit, I only do that page - and I always get confirmed.

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Tassel Daley MSc. said...

i have been a member of cashcrate for a very long time. The site was off for a while. Today I logged in and low and below all of my cash balance and referras were all gone.
Did this happen to you alos?